CMC Squid Rig Plate


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Technical Specifications

NFPA G – Specific Configurations



3 sigma MBS
45kN – Specific configurations

Minimum Hole Diameter
Primary: 36mm
Secondary: 27mm

Manufacturer’s Code

The CMC Squid – A Unique Multi-planar Rigging Device

The new CMC Squid is elegant in its simplicity yet has literally multitudes of uses for the rope access or rope rescue technician. Constructed of high strength aluminium it is surprisingly light at just 240 grams. The innovative multi-planar design creates a node from which multiple loaded devices or lines can emanate, neatly solving all manner of rigging problems.

In regular loading configurations the Squid meets an NFPA G rating of 45kN, whilst in non-regular (i.e. the two ‘wing’ segments are being loaded in opposition) configuration it meets NFPA T rating or 27.7kN. The Squid has been primarily designed as a master point for two CMC Clutches so they can be operated as a dual capacity twin tension rope system (TTRS). Due to its unique shape it can, however, be used as a rigging point at the apex of a litter bridle, creating a focal point in a marginal multi point anchor system, solving any number of problems in theatre & TV/film stunt rigging, used in tactical rope applications and so on.

Other things we like about the Squid include:-

  • Unique shape allows for endless rigging creativity
  • Light at 240 grams but still meets NPFA G 45kN rating (in regular load configuration)
  • Makes setting a dual capacity TTRS system with CMC Clutches a cinch
  • Is an excellent master attachment point at the apex of a litter bridle
  • Big holes will accept multiple carabiners
  • Cambered edges mean the holes can be tied directly into with rope or webbing
  • No moving parts & as simple as it gets


One item, multiple uses!

Did you know that you can use a Squid for more than just TTR Systems? Why not read our post on how to use your Squid in a litter bridle system?

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