The CMC Squid, it’s more than just another Rigging Plate

TThe new Squid Rig Plate by CMC was designed as a primary anchor connection point in dual capacity twin tension rope systems (TTRS). Did you know, however, that the Squid makes a brilliant litter bridle main focal connection?

The single ‘big hole’ will accept multiple carabiners & hence accommodate the terminating end of two rope systems. Preferentially, however, all the holes can be tied into directly with rope, negating the use of carabiners (which can side load in dynamic system failure situations) & meaning less gear is needed to rig. The smaller holes will accommodate the forward & rearward supporting arms of the bridle, be they webbing, an AZTEK or the Sterling Purcell Litter Bridle system (which can be girth hitched into the Squid directly, again skipping the use of more carabiners). Lastly, lateral systems such as a tracking line are easily rigged if the Squid is at the bridle focus point. The big hole of the Squid is sufficiently large to cleanly take another connector for the tracking line pulley.

So give the Squid another look… it’s definitely not just for TTR systems.

Written by Bill Proctor
24 April 2024

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