Safety Access & Rescue can assist your business with a wide range of services. These include supplying difficult access work teams, rigging, standby rescue crews, safety system installation & compliance audits.


Difficult Access Work

Safety Access & Rescue has a team of highly experienced rope access technicians & riggers able to take on virtually any type of difficult access work. Find out more


Standby Rescue

The current Work Health & Safety Act & Regulation (available from now require specific provisions for rescue of a worker who may end up in suspension post fall. If a partial or free fall arrest system is in use by workers then there must be provision made for on site rescue. It is permissible, and in many situations preferable, to outsource this capability.


Safety System Installations & Audits

Safety Access & Rescue is qualified and fully insured to provide:-
  • Height Safety Installations & Inspections
  • Fall protection and rope access anchor and static line installations and inspections

We provide on site audits & reports on existing job sites or situations where height safety, rope access or rescue systems are in place. All audits are benchmarked against the current OHS Regulation, industry Codes of Practice and Australian Standards 1891 Fall Arrest Systems & Devices and 5532 
Manufacturing Requirements for Single-Point Anchor Device used for Harness-Based Work at Height.


Anchor Point Testing

Safety Access & Rescue can supply highly competent technicians and appropriate calibrated test rigs to ensure your anchors are safe and compliant. All anchor testing is backed up by a comprehensive report. Find out more