Cascade Rescue Terra Tamer


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Technical Specifications


81.3cm x 44.5cm x 47cm
Saddle: 47cm x 44.5cm

Stainless Steel Hardware
Fatty tyre



Manufacturer’s Product Code

The Premium Litter Wheel

The Terra Tamer from Cascade Rescue is the litter wheel that the professionals choose.  With a pure Titanium frame and fork system, it weighs in at under 7kg.  Pair it with a titanium litter and a Equalizer Handle System, and you will be the envy of every rescue team in Australia.

The Terra Tamer comes with  a super-wide 10cm, Fatty wheel that helps it to both remain stable and handle obstacles well.  You’ll find that it remains stable even in rough terrain.  There is a disc brake and stainless steel hardware on the Cascade attachment system. It’s a great choice that is compatible with most rescue litters.

Features of the Terra Tamer include:-

  • It is the lightest litter wheel available
  • It can be broken down so that the load can be shared during treks or for transport
  • There is also a storage/carry bag available
  • Easy to use by slipping the custom designed hooks of the attachment system over your litter rails and cinching down
  • Titanium litter handles can be added for even more versatility
  • Made in the USA

Sorry, the price doesn’t include a litter.

Please contact us to ensure that The Terra Tamer will suit any existing litter that you have.  We can also then advise you of an ETA, and give you an accurate quote that includes freight.

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