Petzl ASAP



Technical Specifications

CE EN 12841 type A
CE EN 353-2
ANZI Z359.15

Rope Compatibility
10 – 13mm semi-static

Stainless Steel

ASAP Only: 295g
With Sorber 20: 420g
With Sorber 40: 440g
With Sorber Axess: 500g

Manufacturer’s Product Code
ASAP only: B070AA00

Mobile Fall Arrester for Rope


The Petzl ASAP is for use on a safety rope.  It is designed to stop a fall, slide or uncontrolled descent and will lock even if the device is grabbed during a fall. Our ASAP is sold with either an ASAP ‘Sober 20, ASAP ‘Sober 40 or the ASAP ‘Sorber Axess.

Features of the Petzl ASAP include:-

  • Will work on vertical or angled rope
  • Will move along the rope without manual intervention (downwards and upwards)
  • Is easy to install and remove at any point on the rope
  • If the ASAP is used with an absober such as the Petzl ASAP ‘Sorber Axess it is rated for a two person load.

If you prefer a fall arrest device that can be removed from your back-up rope without disconnecting it from it’s connector or lanyard, then the Petzl ASAP lock is for you.

The ASAP should only be used by someone who is fully trained. The certifications listed above depend entirely on using the ASAP correctly with specific compatible products. Please fully understand the instructions for use available for downloading below.


pdfPetzl ASAP Technical Notice

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