Harken Ninja Foot Ascender


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Technical Specifications

Dimensions & Weight
83mm x 74mm

Stainless steel

Maximum Rated Load
1.5 kN

Rope Compatibility
8 – 13mm

Manufacturer’s Product Code

The Unique Dual Cam Harken Ninja Foot Ascender

The Harken Ninja is the only dual cam foot ascender on the market.

By utilising your body’s largest muscle group, foot ascenders make ascending rope fast and efficient, but climbing rope has never felt easier than with the Harken Ninja Foot Ascender. The unique design applies even pressure to both sides of the rope simultaneously. This provides more holding power than when compared to conventional foot ascenders and helps to prevent accidental kick outs.

The Ninja can be used in conjunction the Petzl Ascension and Petzl Croll for a fast and efficient rope ascending kit.

Further features of the Harken Ninja include:

  • Compatible on either the left or right foot
  • Transverse ribbed dual cams reduce rope damage in comparison to devices with aggressive barbed single cams
  • Lead ferrule maintains correct rope alignment
  • Fully adjustable Y-shaped stirrups keep device securely in place
  • Compatible with 8-13mm ropes.
What we love about the Harken Ninja

The Ninja’s design significantly reduces rope drag. This feature is particularly useful during those first few steps off the ground when the line weight is low, meaning there is no need to counterweight the rope or reach down to pull the rope through the device.


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