Petzl Croll



Technical Specifications

EN 567
EN 12841 type B
NFPA 1983 Technical Use

Rope Compatibility
Croll L: 8 – 13 mm
Croll S: 8 – 11 mm

Stainless steel

Croll L: 140g
Croll S: 85g

Manufacturer’s Product Code
Croll L: B016AA00
Croll S: B16BAA

Chest-Mounted Rope Clamp


The Petzl Croll is ideal for long rope ascents, passing intermediate anchors and for transitioning from ascending to descending.  It should generally be used in conjunction with a lanyarded hand ascender (never ascend on a single point of contact with the rope).

The Petzl Croll is available in two versions: Croll S and Croll L. The light and compact Croll S has a stainless steel reinforced rope channel, designed for particularly harsh environments. The Croll L offers a wider rope channel for increased fluidity during ascents and is compatible with thicker rope diameters.

Features of the Petzl Croll include:

  • trigger cam with self -cleaning slot: works even on dirty ropes
  • catch is opened by pinching which gives quick and easy installation/removal of rope when the device is in place on the chest
  • spring-loaded catch can be locked in the open position so the rope clamp can be put on or taken off the rope with one hand
  • the attachment hole is oriented so the device lies flat against the chest when clipped in
  • mounts easily on harnesses of any brand such as the CMC ATOM Rescue
  • Croll S compatible with ropes measuring 8 to 11mm diameter
  • Croll L compatible with ropes measuring 8 to 13mm diameter


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