Stein Skyline Throwline

2.2mm x 50m Dyneema Throwline

Made from Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polethylene (AKA Dyneema), the Stein Skyline Throwline 2.2mm is the strongest throwline in the Stein range, with an average breaking strength of 450kg.

The 8-strand flat construction allows it to be neatly stored within the Stein Folding Throwline Cube and when deployed reduces the nesting issues associated with inferior lines.

Further features of the Stein Skyline Throwline:
  • Available in high visibility orange
  • Sold in 50 metre rolls
  • Average breaking strength of 450kg.


In stock (can be backordered)

UHMwPE (Dyneema)

Technical Specifications
Average breaking strength: 450kg


Length: 50m
Diameter: 2.2mm

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