Stein Folding Throwline Cube

Ideal Storage Solution for Throwlines

The Stein Folding Throwline Cube is a convenient throwline storage solution that packs down from a 44cm cube into a compact triangular pouch in seconds. The open-top cubed design ensures seamless deployment of throwlines, such as the Stein Skyline Throwline.

The heavy-duty waster-resistant base material offers protection and durability, whilst stretching to allow the cube to be easily folded up with the throwline inside. Simple instructions and a number of clever design features make using the Stein Folding Throwline Cube fool-proof.

Further features of the Stein Folding Cube include:
  • Folding instructions conveniently printed on the cube corners
  • Dual logo’s on the outside to help fold the cube correctly
  • Two corner web loops to place your feet on when opening
  • Two small internal pockets for storing weights and hardware
  • Corner rod ends are fitted with rubber stoppers to prevent the rods being exposed
  • Heavy duty 4-way stretch base material increases the strength and is waterproof resistant
  • The internal ring or velcro strap can be used to anchor different lines.


In stock (can be backordered)

Water resistant fabric

Technical Specifications
Max load rating: 2kg


Volume: 80L
Width: 44cm
Height: 44cm

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