Skylotec Spark


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Technical Specifications

EN 12841 type C
EN 15151-1:2012
EN 341-2A:2011

Rope Compatibility



Dimensions & Weight
47mm x 79mm x 175mm

Manufacturer’s Product Code

The Spark, a Descender for the Serious Rope User


The Skylotec Spark takes all of the elements of the popular Skylotec Sirius and then adds to the equation by the removal of the anti-panic function. With a compact design and with well thought-out ergonomics, the Spark, made from 100% metal, is fast, precise and hard-wearing.

The ergonomic compact design fits perfectly in the hand and the auto-returning operation level has a small radius of motion so that you can work faster and more accurately. Ease of use is further facilitated by the intuitive route of the rope through the device, ensuring that it is protected from twisting and kinking, and from excessive wear and tear.

The Sirius is designed for working on fixed ropes and features a sturdy safety catch on the swing plate. It is approved for use with rope diameters of 10 to 12mm and allows handling of loads up to 250 kg.

Features of the Skylotec Spark include:

  • A short radius activation lever for fast and accurate work positioning
  • That slack can be pulled through the device without having to unlock the handle
  • The ability to load rope in and out of the device without having to disconnect the device from the harness
  • An auto-lock feature allows the device to be locked off without having to tie off
  • The rope route through the device prevents twisting and kinking of the rope
  • The compact & durable all metal construction.


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