Petzl I’D S



Technical Specifications

EN 341 class A
EN 12841 type C,
NFPA 1983 Technical use
ANSI Z359.4

Rope Compatibility


One person MWL: 150kg
Two person MWL: 250kg


Manufacturer’s Product Code
Yellow: D020AA00
Black: D020AA01

Self-Braking Descender/Belay Device with Anti-Panic Function


The Petzl I’D is a self-braking descender that ensures comfort and safety when moving on a single rope. We recommend it for tower workers, rope access techs and rescue personnel. For rope access technicians who are looking for something lighter, why not have a look at the Petzl Rig.

Features of the Petzl I’D include:

  • A multi-functional handle that allows the user to release the rope and begin the descent or position himself whilst on the rope
  • An anti-panic function that is engaged if the user pulls too hard on the handle
  • An anti-error safety catch which reduces the risk of an accident due to the incorrect installation of the device on the rope
  • An auto-lock feature allows the device to be locked off without having to tie off
  • A pivoting cam that makes it easier to take up the slack in the rope
  • A new stainless steel wear plate that reinforces the rope friction zone, improving durability.


The Petzl I’D S is for working on fixed ropes and comes with a safety clip on the swinging plate. It is for use with rope diameters of 10 to 11.5mm and allows handling of loads up to 250 kg.


pdfPetzl I'D S Technical Notice

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