Petzl Progress Adjust-I Lanyard


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Technical Specifications

EN 358
ANSI Z359.3

Up to 100cm

High Modulus Polyethylene


Manufacturer’s Product Code

Adjustable Progression lanyard


The Petzl Progress Adjust-I is a single adjustable progression lanyard. By using the Adjust rope clamp, the rope access operator can quickly and easily adjust the length of the progression lanyard to facilitate ascents and traverses.

When used with another lanyard, the Progress Adjust, allows you to stay continuously connected whilst ascending or moving along a fixed line.

Features of the Petzl Progress Adjust-I lanyard include:-

  • Very quick and precise length adjustment of the adjustable arm is possible thanks to the ergonomic shape of the Adjust rope clamp.
  • The Adjuster is reversible and can be attached to either the anchor or the harness ventral attachment point
  • Dynamic rope lanyards limit energy transmitted to the user in the event of a limited fall.
  • The Captiv Adjust positioning bar keeps your carabiner in position against the Adjust rope clamp. This facilitates clipping.
  • The red plastic sheath on the far end termination makes the ‘pull’ end of the lanyard easy to find.
  • The harness end sewn termination is compatible with most carabiners, maillon rapides and the Petzl Ring Open.
  • Can be used to connect into, and adjust ones position, from a Petzl Ascension rope clamp.
  • Two Petzl Progress Adjust-I lanyards run off the same harness are ideal to facilitate progression along fixed traverse lines.

Progress lanyards are a great tool for working in difficult to access areas, however, they should only used by a fully trained rope operator who understands fall factors, the placement of anchor points and the benefits of energy absorbers.


pdfPetzl Progress Adjust-I Technical Notice

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