CMC Sunbrero

Sunbrero, The Original Sunshade

Another CMC innovation thoroughly field tested by CMC Rescue School instructors and now widely being used by rescuers worldwide; the fully adjustable Sunbrero fits over your helmet to block the sun from your face, ears, and the back of your neck.

Designed to provide sun protection, the CMC Sunbrero also works well in the rain. Additional features include:-
  • Made from durable 1,000-denier CORDURA®
  • Black undersurface prevents sun reflection
  • Features a wide elastic band with hook and loop adjustability
  • Grips securely to the headlamp retainer clips on most helmets (see pictures)
  • Made in the USA.

Why We Use the Sunbrero

Yes, yes, we know; this is Australia. We’d be fools to not think of sun protection. The thing is, you can get other sunshades, they’re most probably even a bit cheaper; but let’s face it they don’t make the grade. They don’t last, and they never fit the helmet just right. The Sunbrero, not only has a wide elastic band that will fit under your helmet clips, but also has the additional velcro adjust buckle that keeps the fit snug. Add to this that the brim is just wide enough to provide protection without obscuring your view. It’s the helmet shade for the professional. If you’re wondering, we use the Sunbrero on both Petzl Vertex helmets and Petzl Strato helmets as well as the Kask SuperPlasma Helmets.


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1,000-denier CORDURA® nylon fabric

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