Metolius Dynamic Sling



Technical Specifications

25cm: 22kN
60cm: 22kN
100cm: 22kN

25cm: 39.9g
60cm: 75.4g
100cm: 132.7g


EN 566

Manufacturer’s Product Codes
25cm: DYSL025
60cm: DYSL060
100cm: DYSL120

A Sling with a bit of Stretch

If you’re after a rigging option that gives a little, then these Dynamic Open Loop Slings from Metolius might be the go. Made from 13mm dynamic, they are both CE and UIAA certified. They are a little bit bulkier than, say the CMC Sewn loops, but give you 22kN to work with.

Features of the Metolius Dynamic Sling include:

  • Available in three lengths
  • Can be rigged as basket or choked sling configurations
  • Can be used as a rappel device extension
  • Can be rigged in all conventional Prusik configurations (three wrap, klemheist, French, Bachmann etc) around a host rope
  • Can be used in hauling systems, as a rappel self belay ‘auto block’ or countless other applications
  • Equally applicable in climbing, canyoning, rescue or rope access/rigging situations.
  • Super durable & easy to spot if dropped

We’re offering these loops as we believe that they are giving professional ropers more options when rigging. We strongly recommend that only experts, who fully understand when and when not to use a dynamic product use these loops.


pdfCMC Rope/Cord Technical Specifications

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