Texora TX/L Wire Core Anchor Sling



Technical Specifications

EN 795: 2012 Type B

1m: 540g
2m: 1020g

Wire: Galvanised Steel
Sleeve: Polyester

MBS: 50kN

Manufactuer’s Product Code

Heavy Duty Texora Wire Core Anchor Sling

The Texora Wire anchor sling is designed for heavy duty rope access & rescue jobs. With an end to end loop strength of 50kN, however you rig this sling (basket, choker etc) it will be one of the strongest components of your system. The sling sheath is durable polyester with an internal core of twelve loops of  2mm diameter galvanised steel wire and you will find that despite the wire core, it is easy to manipulate in even hard to reach places.

Other features of Texora’s Wire Core Slings include:-

  • Rated for a two-person load (CEN TS 16415)
  • Wire core resists damage from heat, abrasion, cuts, and impacts
  • Lightweight and low volume with no heavy hardware
  • Max temperature rating of 150 deg C
  • Built-in inspection window for checking wires
  • Multicolour design for easy visibility


pdfTexora Wire Sling Instructions

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