CMC Sewn Loop Prusik



Technical Specifications

46cm: 20kN
63.5cm: 20kN

46cm: 48g
63.5cm: 62g


Manufacturer’s Product Codes
46cm (Red): 293083
63.5cm (Green): 293086

The Prusik of Choice for Rope Rescue Professionals


As strong as a traditional tied Prusik loop without the cumbersome knot, the CMC Sewn Loop Prusik is a favourite amongst rope rescue professionals. CMC’s 8mm prusik cord has been developed over years of testing and fine tuning, resulting in a Prusik of unmatched performance.

Available in two convenient colour-coded lengths, the CMC Sewn Loop Prusiks offer excellent versatility of use. The SecureStitch™ connection point is covered by durable clear shrink tubing which allows for regular inspection and also protects the stitching for longer life.

Features of the CMC Sewn Loop Prusik include:

  • Available in two colour-coded lengths for easy identification. The short 46cm (18”) prusik is red and the long 63.5cm (25”) prusik is green
  • The two prusik lengths can be used individually, or together as a ‘tandem prusik belay’
  • Can be rigged in all conventional Prusik configurations (three wrap, klemheist, French, Bachmann etc)
  • Can be used in hauling systems, as a rappel self belay ‘auto block’ or countless other applications
  • Lightweight and low profile
  • Equally applicable in climbing, canyoning, rescue or rope access/rigging situations
  • Made in the USA.

If you’re not sure about making the switch to sewn prusiks, why not have a look at our article on sewn prusiks. The article lays out clearly the advantages of sewn prusik loops.

Removal of the protective shrink tubing is not advised. This feature protects the stitching and label from premature wear. Removal could jeopardize user safety and product conformance to applicable standards.


pdfCMC Rope/Cord Technical Specifications

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