Rock Exotica The Bolt

An Unique Rigging Plate that Allows for Less Carabiner Use

The Bolt is another cleverly designed rigging plate from Rock Exotica.  This high strength alloy rigging plate allows you to attach ropes, pulleys etc. without using any carabiners, by means of a central steel bar.  The result is not only a cleaner looking focal point, there are simply less weak links in your rope system.

Aimed at the rope rescue or rope access technician, this device is limited only by your imagination of rigging possibilities.

Features of The Bolt include:-
  • minimum strength in any direction is 36kN
  • the unit weights only 535 g
  • large hole fits over the Arizona Vortex Leg


Please note that adequate training and judgment are needed to reduce the risks inherent in the use of this equipment. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that the user is adequately and competently trained in the use of this product. We strongly advise that you do not use The Bolt without first undertaking appropriate training.



In stock

Anodised Aluminium Alloy

MBS: 36kN


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