Rock Exotica Enforcer


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Technical Specifications

EN 795
EN 354
EN 365

203mm x 53mm x 38mm

Lightweight aluminium

MBS: 36kN
Max Reading: 20kN
Accuracy: -/ 2%

Approx 400g with batteries

Manufacturer’s Product Code

Lightweight, Compact Load Cell

With it’s clean, easy to use design, the Rock Exotica Enforcer will change the way you approach your work, your equipment and your equipment checking methods. Apart from its lightweight, compact design, the Rock Exotica Enforcer is also unique because of its Bluetooth connectivity which works in tandem with the Enforcer app (see below) to allow you to monitor forces on your phone and then download the results.

Some other features include:

  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Compact & portable design facilitates “in-line” use in rigging systems
  • Swivel attachment points reduce risk of dangerous torsional and off-axis forces
  • Features two sampling modes: “Slow” for monitoring and “Fast” for drop testing
  • Monitor forces wirelessly on your iPhone with built-in Bluetooth connectivity
  • Measures force in kg, lbf and kN
  • Our Enforcer comes complete with a custom made hard-case (see the pic), so that everything you need is always together.

The Enforcer App for iPhone (sold separately) greatly expands the capabilities of Rock Exotica’s Enforcer Load Cell. It allows you to have real-time and continuous monitoring of maximum force. By combining the Rock Exotica Enforcer with the Enforcer App you can accurately monitor static forces remotely and record dynamic events with up to 500 samples per second. Additionally:

  • A graph of the force can be viewed directly on the iPhone but also sent as an email attachment for further analysis.
  • The App has a settings screen from which you can selet your sampling mode and trigger values for drop testing.
  • You can graph four second events
  • You can save results to cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

Why the Rock Exotica Enforcer?

What impresses us, and many of our customers is that the Rock Exotica Enforcer weighs less than 400g (with the batteries in!) and this combined with the swivel attachment points means that the Enforcer can be placed anywhere in a rescue or rope access system to show realtime and peak force. It makes it convenient and easy to get the solid feedback that most of us never see.

For example, the Rock Exotica Enforcer can be placed directly in a load raising system as a standard procedure with the force alarm set to sound at 5kN (just picking a number). The increase in situational awareness of your system tension significantly increases workplace safety.

The enforcer is not to be used with steel cables or wire rope.


pdfRock Exotica enForcer Technical Notice
pdfRock Exotica enForcer Quick Reference Card

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