AZTEK Elite Pulley System

The most versatile ‘set of fours’ available

The AZTEK (‘AriZona Technician’s Edge Kit’) Elite is the result of a long collaborative effort between designer Reed Thorne of Ropes That Rescue, Rock Thompson of Rock Exotica and Sterling Ropes.  Developed over a number of years, the AZTEK is now a state of the art multi purpose rescue rigging tool.  What appears to be yet another set of pre-rigged twin sheave pulleys is in fact the basis for a complete system that allows the user access either to an edge restraint/rappel line or a super high strength set of fours.

The heart of the AZTEK is the pair of twin sheave ‘blocks’, CNC machined from solid blocks of alloy.  The connection beckets are integral swivels (eliminating system torque) and each block comes with a unique pin connection point for quickly attaching or disconnecting a ratchet prusik.  The blocks are rigged perpendicular to each other to eliminate twisting. The system is reeved with 16m of specially designed 8mm Sterling low stretch cord and each ratchet prusik is specifically sized (and colour coded) for the blocks. The opposite end of the system is directly tied to a connector (different types are available on request, but our kits leave us with the Rock Exotica ORCA locking carabiner as a standard).  A special Sterling edge restraint ‘Purcell’ prusik is reeved onto the restraint line and is connected to the operators harness allowing for instant access to a safe edge restraint.

Some of the other features of the AZTEK Elite include:
  • super strong set of fours rated at 36kN
  • can literally be used in more than 100 different configurations including guying the Arizona Vortex Multipod, load release hitch, dynamic directional, mid rope ‘pick off’ rescues and so on
  • colour coded system for less errors when attaching ratchet prusiks
  • all prusiks are reeved asymmetrically as ‘three on twos’ so they can be released under load
  • available with all black components including an AZTEK Pro bag by special order only. Please contact us for availability.

We also offer the CMC AZTEK ProSeries System which is NFPA certified to 38kN.    

Please note that adequate training and judgment are needed to reduce the risks inherent in the use of this equipment. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that the user is adequately and competently trained in the use of this product. We strongly advise that you do not use the AZTEK without first undertaking appropriate training.



Set of Fours: 36kN
8mm restraint cord: 17kN
Connector: 28kN

2 x AZTEK Omni Block pulleys
15m x 8 mm Edge Restraint with sewn eye
2 x 6 mm sewn Ratchet Prusiks
110cm x 6mm Travel Restraint
1 x Rock Exotica ORCA Locking Pirate Carabiner
1 x Sterling Carrying Bag

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