ITRA Level 1 Tactical Rope training

Bill has just returned from the USA after spending seven days at the Petzl Technical Institute in Salt Lake City Utah. Working alongside ITRA President Eddy Cartaya & Petzl’s Steve Petty, Bill co facilitated an ITRA Level 1 Tactical Rope training and assessment process. All of the fifteen attendees were either full time or volunteer law enforcement. The training consisted of lectures, practical sessions & even a night scenario in, outside and on top of the Petzl America headquarters.

All of the training evolutions were carried out with real weapons & tactical gear in order to make the activities as real as possible. The students performed well over the duration of the training days & in fact all passed on the final assessment day.

The above pic shows three guys from LAPD SWAT carrying out a team window entry drill.



Written by Safety Access & Rescue
15 August 2022

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