Wilderness Vertical Rescue – ITRA Rope Responder 1

If you’re ready to take your rope training to the next level, then this is the course for you. Run by SAR principal trainer William Proctor, who has taken variations of this course all around the world, you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll learn.

The three day Rope Responder 1 course is the fundamental introduction into wilderness rope rescue. We start from scratch, training students in the standard skills required of a rope rescue responder in a wilderness or mountain environment. We provide all the required equipment & make use of some very spectacular & challenging training locations. Basic rope work, anchors, personal vertical mobility, raising & lowering systems, rescue belays and working with a litter make up the bulk of this busy three days.

Most Rope Responder 1 participants typically go on to undertake the Wilderness Vertical Rescue – ITRA Rope Technician 2 course.

Course Outline
Some of the specific competencies include:-

  • Introduction to ITRA (the International Technical Rescue Association)
  • Rope rescue hazard identification and management
  • Basic knots hitches & bends along with equipment for rope rescue (including technical equipment inventories and maintenance procedures)
  • General rescue communications including radios, whistles and hand signals
  • Independent belay/safety systems for rescue loads
  • Safety systems and protocols for rope rescue (safety officer, checking procedures etc)
  • Protection of rope systems (edge protection, hazard avoidance)
  • Selection and construction of single & multi point anchors
  • The ‘hot zone’, edge restraint lines and work positioning on sloping ground
  • Personal ascending, rappelling and on rope self rescue
  • Select, construct and operate lowering system – low angle
  • Select, construct and operate raising system (mechanical advantage) – low angle
  • Patient packaging into litter/stretcher, preparing litter/stretcher for low angle evacuation & litter attendant rigging and operation
  • Rope rescue medical considerations (suspension trauma, vertigo etc)

Course Outcome
Successful students will receive an ITRA Record of Learning certificate. The QR code on this certificate allows students to become regular members of ITRA if they choose to.

Course Pre-Requisites and Participant Preparedness
Attending participants need to have some roping experience prior to enrolling in this course. The course itself is relatively strenuous and involves a number of intensive scenarios. Participants should be prepared to carry moderate loads into a number of escarpment locations and be self sufficient in regards to adverse weather clothing, food and water.

Course Inclusions
Participants are welcome to bring their own gear, but any rescue equipment/PPE required to complete the course is supplied
A student course book
An ITRA statement of learning

Course Exclusions
Meals and accommodation
Participant Travel

2024 Dates set!

The next Wilderness VR/ITRA1 course has bee set to run from Saturday 6th April to Monday 8th April 2024. The per person course cost for this three day experience is $850inc. If you’re interested, please drop us a line at enquiries@safetyaccessrescue.com.au or complete the form below.

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