Petzl Releases Information Regarding Possible Cracks on ASAP Lock

During routine equipment inspections a Petzl customer detected cracks on the stainless steel arms on three ASAP LOCKs. These three defective products will be returned to Petzl for analysis. Petzl have released information about the cracks, their follow up actions and what you should do. Please read the full article on the Petzl Website, and ensure that you conduct regular inspections of your Petzl ASAP Lock.

Please note that:
  • As per the instructions for use, you should never use your ASAP or ASAP lock without a Sorber or Absorbica L57.
  • a cracked arm presents no additional immediate risk to the user. However, as with any PPE, the presence of such a crack requires an immediate retirement of the product.
  • In the unlikely event you find a cracked arm, retire your ASAP LOCK immediately and contact your place of purchase for a replacement under warranty.
  • The Petzl ASAP (B71 AAA) is not a affected by this issue.

22 April 2016

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