The Wire Strop from ISC

The range of wire strop anchor slings from ISC add a whole other level of ‘bombproof’ to your rigging.

Available in three lengths (1m, 1.5m and 3m eye to eye) & with a MBS of 25kN, these super durable galvanised steel wire & PVC coated strops have a myriad of rigging uses. The obvious application for any wire sling is as an anchor (rigged in basket or with one or more round turns) but they have many other less obvious applications. We use them as tool resistant safety extensions when doing rope access or other fall protection based work with drills, grinders & other tools that would compromise textile systems. Keep in mind a wire strop is not a fall arrest lanyard & has absolutely no energy absorbing capabilities. An alternate energy absorber needs to be built into the system if there is even the remotest chance of falling on a wire strop.

One of the other great applications for strop anchors is rigging anchor points on vehicles (for either rope access or rescue applications). A perpendicular parked, locked & wheel chocked vehicle makes an excellent anchor but how do we attach to it? Wire strops around the chassis (if exposed), the suspension leaf springs or even through spoked 4×4 tyres (literally around the tyre) are simple, quick & bomber anchors. If you have not used wire strops before try some of the ISC models in our range… you will love the versatility.

Written by Bill Proctor
03 October 2023

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