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The International Technical Rescue Association (or ITRA) is a non-profit organisation that provides global recognition of technical rescue practitioners and instructors, across a wide range of rescue disciplines including swiftwater, rope, tactical, boat, confined space, structural collapse (USAR), ice and animal rescue. ITRA’s mandate includes: Promoting international best practices and standards for technical rescue. Improving […]


Conterra has been building technical equipment for over 28 years. All products bearing the Conterra label are hand built in the USA by skilled workers, at a living wage. They will not build a product for emergency use unless they can make it better and more unique than other available products. At Safety Access & […]


CMC is an employee owned company whose mission is to innovate the equipment and education that keep people safe in high-risk environments. Based in the USA, CMC’s success is due to their commitment to uncompromised safety and guaranteed performance. Safety Access & Rescue is proud to be a CMC partner, and to employ the only […]