AHD Workshop

Are you or your team looking to expand your rope access and rigging capabilities?

 The Safety Access & Rescue AHD Workshop may be the answer.

The Artificial High Directional (AHD) course is a three day workshop that is ideal for rope access technicians who are looking to utilise these highly effective tools at work. The focus of our AHD Workshop is on the Rock Exotica AZ Vortex and the SMC Terradaptor. Whether it be for confined space entry, geotechnical/natural surface work, clearing delicate parapets on high rise buildings, or areas where counter weight systems and roof jockeys are not available or suitable, these highly portable AHD’s get the job done.

A sound understanding of AHD rigging enables rope techs to not only accomplish their work more easily and efficiently, but also develop a skill set that will aid in problem solving those tricky jobs. Over the three days you will look at the many different ways rope access technicians can benefit from using AHD’s for work purposes. Please note this is not a rescue course … the workshop is aimed at real life rope access work scenarios.

Course Outline
The first day of the AHD Workshop is largely theory based covering topics such as equipment ratings, rigging physics, vectors & resultant forces, anchoring & guying techniques and then looking at some primary AHD configurations.

Days two and three will be spent out in the field where you will look at load manoeuvring and access setups based around the following formations:-

  • Tripod
  • Bipod
  • Monopod/Gin pole
  • Luffing A frame
  • Easel leg A frame
  • Sideways A frame
  • ‘Doortex’ & ‘Windowtex’


We Only Accept Group Bookings

We only accept group bookings for this course. If you represent four or more people, please feel free to contact us by calling 02 4784 2224 or, if you prefer, complete our course enquiry form below.

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