Escape Systems (Bailout Systems) Course

The Escape Systems one-day course is designed purely to train students in the use of modern, small diameter rope descent equipment for emergency egress. This course has multitudes of uses and is appropriate for anyone wanting to develop and maintain a ‘bailout’ capability from high rise buildings, cranes, elevated work platforms, industrial machinery, rolling stock, building maintenance units and so on.

This course is either run at our dedicated facility or can be run on site for client groups with an appropriate venue.

Course Outline
The Escape Systems or Bailout Systems Course is based around a number of proprietary kits that utilize very small diameter rope in the 6 – 8mm range, coupled with specially designed descending devices. Learning how to safely employ such highly specific gear is key to enabling users to develop trust in, and subsequently use, such devices in an emergency.  In addition, participants will investigate:-

  • Identifying the available types and models of escape systems
  • Locating and rigging expedient anchors for emergency rappels
  • Transitioning difficult edges, windowsills etc
  • Understanding differences in rope diameters and fibre types
  • Dealing with non routine situations (jammed rappel device etc)
  • Using escape devices as lowering systems to evacuate a second person

For Further Information
The Escape Systems or Bailout Systems course is offered on-demand and can be conducted either from our training facility in the Blue Mountains or at a site close to you. As a guide, the cost for an individual to complete the course at our training facility would be $290.00 (less for groups). To obtain a firm quotation, please call us on 02 4784 2224 or complete the course enquiry form below.

Course Outcome
Eash student receives a detailed Statement of Attendance.

Course Pre-Requisites
There are no pre-requisites for the Escape ('Bailout') Systems Course.

Course Inclusions
All equipment and resources

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