Advanced Rope Rigging Workshop

The Advanced Rope Rigging workshop is a six day workshop designed to build substantially on the existing skills and expertise of anyone involved in rope based rigging.  Climbers & canyoners, rope access technicians, emergency services personnel, theatrical riggers & outdoor guides are just some of those who would benefit greatly from the concepts, skills & techniques covered during the program.

Course Outline
The Advanced Rope Rigging program is based around minimalist mountain rescue techniques and in keeping with this theme the program will cover the use of climbing hardware & active/passive protection devices like SLCDs, ‘Hexentrics’ and nuts as well as pitons for creating rescue anchors.  In addition, participants will investigate:-

  • a large range of knots, hitches and bends
  • webbing anchors
  • rigging geometry
  • pulley systems
  • mechanical advantage theory
  • directional and offset raising & lowering systems
  • casualty packaging in a rescue litter
  • ‘rescue load’ belay systems
  • improvised Artificial High Directionals
  • utilising the TerrAdaptor and the Arizona Vortex Multipod

For Further Information
Please contact us by completing our course enquiry form below or by calling 02 4784 2224 during business hours.

Course Outcome
Eash student receives a detailed Statement of Attendance.

Course Pre-Requisites
The ability to ascend and descend a rope system.
Previous vertical rescue training is advantageous.

Course Inclusions
All equipment and resources

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