Elevated Work Platform Escape Course

UETTDRRF08B Perform Elevated Work Platform (EWP) Controlled Descent Escape*


This one day (8 hour) practical course identifies the performance of Elevated Work Platform (EWP) controlled descent escape procedures. The course is based on the mandatory requirements for self-rescue from a raised EWP and how these requirements apply in the context of energy transmission & distribution or rail work functions.

As with all of Safety Access & Rescue’s courses, each EWP Escape Course is contextualized to the student’s occupational situation.  This program has been designed for the inital training of worker’s who require EWP Escape skills. If you require refresher training please visit our EWP Refresher course.

Please note that access to an EWP is required.


Course Outline

The first part of the day is theoretical and covers:
  • WHS Legislation & Standards
  • Escape system components checking & assembly (specific to the students situation)

The practical component of the day involves:
  • Deploying the system
  • Safety checks
  • Exiting the bucket
  • Descending to safe ground
  • Refurbishing the system
  • Dealing with non routine situations (jammed descender etc)


For Further Information

Please call our office on 02 4784 2224 or complete the Course Enquiry Form below. If you prefer, you can also contact us at [email protected]

*The nationally accredited UETTDRRF08B Perform Elevated Work Platform (EWP) Controlled Descent Escape course is provided in partnership with the Professional Association of Climbing Instructors Pty Ltd (RTO ID 2808)


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Course Outcome
Successful participants receive an ASQA approved Statement of Attainment that fulfills the requirements of UETTDRRF08B Perform Elevated Work Platform (EWP) Controlled Descent Escape.

Course Pre-Requisites

Course Inclusions
All PPE equipment required to complete the training.