Sterling PowerCord



Technical Specifications

EN 564

Weight per Metre

Sheath: Nylon
Core: Technora

MBS: 19.7kN

Manufacturer’s Product Code

PowerCord, Double the Strength


Sterling PowerCord is a 5.9mm accessory cord with a Technora core instead of the standard nylon core. This construction gives PowerCord a MBS of double that of a standard 5.9mm accessory cord. Technora is a high-strength, yet lightweight material making PowerCord a great option for anchor building and haul lines.

Other features of Sterling’s PowerCord include:-

  • An amazing MBS of 19.7kN
  • Available as a 100m roll in orange as pictured, or as a 50m pre-cut hank and apologies, we do not cut PowerCord to length.
  • Powercord is available in purple, but by special order only. Just contact us for more information.

If you’re just looking for an accessory cord, why not have a look at our range of Bluewater cords.

Why We Use PowerCord

We’ve written on article on how we find rigging with PowerCord advantageous. Basically, it opens up options for lighter weight, less bulky solutions which are especially relevant for wilderness and tactical applications.

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