Sterling HTP Static 11mm



Technical Specifications

NFPA 1983 Technical

7/16″ or 11.1mm

100% Polyester

Elongation (at 10% of MBS): 4.0

Weight per Metre

Manufacturer’s Product Code

High Tenacity Polyester 11mm Static Rope


There is a great need in technical rope work of all kinds to have a strong, durable and very low stretch rope. Nylon is a great fibre for low stretch and dynamic ropes due to its multipurpose use, but in certain applications a true static rope is far more efficient. That is why Sterling developed the HTP series of 100% polyester ropes. Sterling’s HTP™ all-polyester ropes offer significant advantages over nylon low stretch/static ropes in many applications. With less than 2.5% stretch per 150kg load, the need to pre-tension is less, reducing the loads on high lines and tracklines as well as the time to set up.

Other features of HTP include:-

  • Ideal for industrial rope access; mountain rescue; military and swift water rescue applicatons
  • Sterling HTP has superior strength and handling due to the unique and finely tuned sheath and twisted core construction.
  • Even after extensive use, HTP remains supple and easy to use.
  • For tower erection and maintenance, transmission line rescue, and work at height uses, HTP offers low electrical conductivity, and greater resistance from UV and certain chemicals.
  • As polyester is a naturally dry fiber, HTP resists moisture and maintains its high strength characteristics even in wet conditions.
  • HTP is compatible with devices like the Petzl I’D and the LOV3 making this the right rope for a variety of technical rope access and rescue applications.

Please Note: Standard drum size is 200m, but we cut to length so our prices are per metre. Please specify the number of metres required when adding to cart.

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