Sterling HollowBlock2



Technical Specifications

34cm: 13.0kN
48cm: 13.0kN

34cm: 25g
48cm: 40g

6.8mm Technora® fiber cord

Manufacturer’s Product Code
Tan 34cm: SC060TNHB013
Blk 34cm: SC0604THB013
Tan 48cm: SC060TNHB019
Blk 48cm: SC060TNHB019

A Prusik that Grabs!


The Sterling HollowBlock prusik loop is made from 100% super durable & heat resistant aramid fibre. The hollow braid ‘rectangular’ profile & flat surface of the material allows it to grip wet or dry rope extremely well. The HollowBlock will grip ropes from 7mm in diameter & upwards.

Features of the HollowBlock2 prusik include:-

  • Available in two lengths 34cm(13.5”) and 48cm(19”) which allows for versatility of use; the prusiks can be used individually or together as a ‘tandem prusik hitch/belay’
  • Available in tan or black
  • Can be rigged in all conventional Prusik configurations (three wrap, klemheist, French, Bachmann etc)
  • Extremely abrasion resistant due to the 100% aramid fibre construction
  • Can be used in hauling systems, as a rappel self belay ‘auto block’ or countless other applications
  • Extremely light & easy to carry
  • Equally applicable in climbing, canyoning, rescue or rope access/rigging situations
  • Made in the USA
Why we like the HollowBlock

What is great about the HollowBlock is that it is so light and compacts so nicely that you can have a few in you bag and forget about them until they’re needed. Imagine that you realise that you’re short of a rope grab out in the middle of nowhere, but you’ve got your handy HollowBlock stowed.

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