Sterling CanyonLux



Technical Specifications

EN 564

Weight per Metre

Sheath: Technora® & Polyester
Core: Spectra® & Polypropylene


Manufacturer’s Product Code

A lightweight, high strength rope for abseiling & rescue operations

The revolutionary 8mm CanyonLux is perfect for experienced users requiring a low-weight, high durability rope. This innovative rope is engineered from 4 distinct fibre types, providing it with unique strength and lightness. The blended Technora® & polyester sheath provides excellent water and abrasion resistance, while the dual Spectra & polypropylene core maximise flexibility and strength. All this keeps the rope small and light, reduces sheath slippage, and provides maximum strength, making the CanyonLux the best handling and most packable 8mm rope currently available.

For an ultra-compact system, the CanyonLux couples perfectly with the Mad Rock Safeguard assisted breaking device.

Other features of CanyonLux include:-

  • the lightest and most compact rope from Sterling
  • highly visible colour pattern
  • Spectra fabrication for high abrasion resistance
  • Technora sheath balances water- and abrasion-resistance
  • available in 61m or 200m lengths.

You can learn more about rope fibres by reading our Tech Tip on Rope Fibre Types.

Please note that we only keep CanyonLux in green for the 61m length and blue for a 200m roll and that we do not cut this product to length. If you require other colour/length combinations, please contact us so that we can arrange a special order for you.


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