PMI Bokat Rope Washer

The Bokat Rope Washer Makes Cleaning Your Rope a Breeze


The easy to use Bokat Rope Washer by PMI simply clamps around the rope and hooks up directly to a tap or hose. Then it’s just a matter of turning on the water and pulling the rope through. The water pressure loosens the dirt while the durable AstroTurf® brush scrubs your rope clean.

Further features of the Bokat include:
  • Durable PVC housing made with a flexible vinyl hinge co-extruded for longevity
  • Hook-and-loop fasteners adjust for different rope diameters (up to 19 mm)
  • Rubber insert included for cleaning smaller diameter ropes. Simply remove the grass matting from the unit, place rubber insert inside and re-install the matting
  • Standard threaded hose fitting.

If you like to use a rope soap, easy, just soak and hand wash your rope as per the directions with the soap, and then use your Rope Washer to rinse out both the soap and dirt in one hit. This is our preferred method, and we’ve used it on all of our rope products.


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For use with ropes up to 19mm in diameter.


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