Conterra Edgebot

Conterra Edgebot: Compact and Versatile


The Conterra Edgebot is an ultra compact, high efficiency roller. Due to its unique shape, the Edgebot can be used on railings, logs, rocks, guardrails, parapits or anywhere else that friction needs to be addressed. Whether you wish to hobble the Edgebot down with rope or webbing; hang it from carabiners or even slide it along tracks made with 8mm cord; the choice is yours.

The Conterra Edgebot is packed with features, including:-

  • A unique shape with “crampons” on the underside to assist with grip
  • Stainless steel axles
  • Triangular openings that allow carabiners to redirect off angle ropes
  • Added versatility by connecting as many Edgebots together as you need with 8mm cord. The Edgebots can then be slid along the cord to the required distance.
  • Will work in tandem with the Conterra Clampbot as well
  • Can be used with the Conterra Rail Roller Attachment for quick placement on thinner railings, guard rails or trees


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Made in USA