Edelrid Accessory Cord

Accessory Cord for a Multitude of Uses

Edelrid accessory cords are particularly abrasion-resistant. The special sheath construction results in a better knotability, which is an advantage when handling any cord. Available in 6mm to 8mm diameters, Edelrid Powerloc SP cord is ideal for prusik hitches, cordelettes, load release hitches, tool lanyards & a host of other applications.

Other features of Edelrid’s Powerloc accessory cord include:-
  • The number of tracer threads indicates the cord diameter
  • Low elongation
  • Available in a great range of colours. If the choice of colour is important to you, please contact our office to check availabity.
  • Edelrid cord comes in 100m drums, but we’re more than happy to cut cord to length. Just put a note in with your order.

For pre-sewn products, please have a look at our bound loop prusiks.

Please Note: Not all colour/diameter variations are available at all times. The picture that pops up as you add a diameter to your cart is generally the colour that will be supplied.


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Breaking Load
6mm: 8.8kN
7mm: 14.0kN
8mm: 16.4kN

Weight per Metre
6mm: 25g
7mm: 32g
8mm: 41g

Made in Germany