CMC Ultra-Pro Edge Protectors



Technical Specifications

Ultra-Pro 2: 41cm x 15cm x 2cm
Ultra-Pro 4: 41cm x 25cm x 2cm

Ultra-Pro 2: 360g
Ultra-Pro 4: 794g

Manufacturer’s Product Code
Ultra-Pro 2: 294042
Ultra-Pro 4: 294044

High Performance Edge Protection


The Ultra-Pro Edge Protectors from CMC are already one of the most sought after edge protections available. They are lighter and easier to transport than edge rollers or similar devices and they have a lower profile which helps to avoid the tipping issue which is often encountered with taller devices. Manufactured from super slick, high-performance material that not only protects your rope from sharp or rough edges, but also greatly reduces friction, the Ultra-Pro conforms to the edge, and prevents sharp bends in the rope.

Already affectionately known as the ‘ice-cube tray’ by those in the know, other features of the Ultra-Pro include:-

  • Available in two sizes: the Ultra-Pro 2 is for two ropes, and the Ultra-Pro 4 accepts four ropes
  • Carabiner holes in all four corners allow the Ultra-Pro to be tied off for safety or linked together for extended protection
  • Allows ropes to travel in different directions if necessary
  • Made in the USA
Why we Use the Ultra-Pro

These rope guards are flat and stable when in use; and the material is extremely slippery which makes using one of these guys the next to best alternative to using a pulley at the edge. Plus, you can easily chain them together to make a longer edge protector.

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