CMC Edge Guard



Technical Specifications

Medium: 45cm
Large: 61cm

#4 duck canvas
Vinyl coated polyester

Manufacturer’s Product Code
Medium: 294030
Large: 294029

Heavy Duty Rope Guard

The CMC Edge Guard is a protective sleeve made with tough #4 duck canvas and a layer of vinyl coated polyester. CMC Edge Guards are designed to protect ropes from abrasion when they are stretched across the rough surfaces of cliff faces, buildings or even steel towers. As an added bonus, they will also protect the natural surface or structure that you are working on. For example, when using a tree as an anchor, you can protect the bark by using your rope guard or similarily, you can protect the finish of a building if using your guard when working over the edge.

Features of the CMC Edge Guard include:-

  • the guards are reversible
  • they have a velcro closure
  • webbing tether loops at both ends (instead of grommits) to reduce sharp edges
  • available in two sizes – 46cm or 61 cm
  • ideal for rope access, tower and rescue work

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