SMC Advance Tech HX Pulley

Advanced Twin Sheave Load Capturing Pulley

The SMC Advance Tech HX Pulley is a double pulley with an integrated cam that provides immediate progress capture. Precision manufacturing and finishing make this an ideal tool for rescue and rope access technicians as well as theatre & stage riggers, confined space operators & outdoor roping leaders.

Some of the features of the SMC Advanced Tech HX pulley include:-

  • Extremely lightweight aluminum side plates & sheaves.
  • Side plates rotate for easy and secure placement at any point along the rope.
  • Rope alignment pins keep the system (when reeved with the SMC HX Tech Mate) from tangling.
  • Capturing cam can be rigged with remote pull cord
  • Becket allows for rigging of 4:1 with change of direction (when reeeved with HX Tech Mate).
  • Will support rope diameters from 7 – 12.5mm
  • Sealed ball bearings make for highly efficient sheaves.


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NFPA 1983 (2012 edition) “T” – Technical use

High Quality Anodised Aluminum

MBS: 34kn
Becket Strength: 18kN

Pulley: 12.9cm x 6.9cm x 5.0cm
Sheave: 1.5″ (3.8cm)
Rope Diameter: From 7mm up to 12.5mm


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