Rock Exotica Stainless Steel Swivel


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Technical Specifications

MBS: 36kN
WLL: 5kN

94mm x 51mm

Plated high grade stainless steel


Manufacturer’s Product Code

Strong Stainless Steel Rotating Swivel


The Rock Exotica Stainless Steel Swivel is a very versatile rigging tool that has many uses, particularly when components in a roping system, deliberately or unintentionally shift direction while loaded.  The rotating swivel will align itself to the true line of force and therefore minimise unwanted and excessive forces on other system components such as carabiners.

The Rock Exotica Stainless Steel Swivel is ideal, not only for rescue or rope access applications, but also theatre and film rigging, stunt and arbour work and marine applications.

The high grade stainless steel construction of this swivel provides you with increased durability and longevity. Other features of the Rock Exotica Stainless Steel Swivel are:

  • The large becket ring accepts multiple carabiners
  • It is ideal for when connecting to steel components
  • It is, of course, a great option for if you work in marine environments
  • Is only available in a black finish
  • Made in the USA.


pdfRock Exotica Swivels Technical Notice

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