Rock Exotica Mini Machined Rescue Pulley



Technical Specifications

EN 12278

Sheave Diameter: 28mm
Maximum Rope Diameter: 11mm


Single: MBS 2 x 15kN =30kN; WLL=5kN
Double: MBS 2 x 18kN =36kN; WLL=8kN

Dimensions & Weight
Single: 76mm x 62mm x 19mm; 83g
Double: 100mm x 62mm x 37mm; 141g

Manufacturer’s Product Code
Single: P21
Double: P21D

The Mini, a 1.1″ high strength pulley


The Rock Exotica Mini Machined Rescue Pulley is milled out of a single block of T6 aluminium for increased strength and rigidity. This unique design means the pulley axle is integrated into the sideplate, which accounts for this pulley’s impressive strength given it’s slim profile.

Further features of the Mini Machined Rescue Pulley include:-

  • A recessed axle screw which sits flush to the pulley sideplates, giving this pulley a slim, snag-free profile
  • Increased strength-weight ratio
  • Machined sideplates allow for a more compact design while maintaining the same rope capacity of other pulleys.
  • These sideplates are left thicker near the connection becket where it is important for strength; lower down on the pulley material has been cut away to make it lighter.
  • Utilises high-efficiency ball-bearings in the axle
  • Available in black and ….. Rock’s favourite colour, black
  • They are made in the USA.


pdfRock Exotica Machined Rescue Pulley Technical Notice

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