Petzl Spin L1D


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Technical Specifications

NFPA 1983 Pulley General Use
CE based on the applicable requirements of the EN 12278 standard

Sheave Diameter: 38mm
Rope Diameter: 8-13mm
Efficiency: 93%

Stainless steel

MBS: 36kN
WLL: 2 x 3kn = 6kN


Manufacturer’s Product Code

A High Efficiency, Unidirectional Swivel Pulley


The Petzl Spin L1D is a high efficiency pulley that features a unique unidirectional faceted sheave that assists with adding friction when lowering heavy loads. The built-in swivel ensures the pulley easily aligns itself in the direction of pull and the moving side plate allows for reeving without the need to disconnect the pulley from the anchor.

The Petzl SPIN is also available in a regular single sheave or double sheave version.

Features of the SPIN L1D include:-

  • The faceted sheave only rotates in one direction, providing high efficiency when hauling while adding friction zones for additional braking when lowering
  • The triple action mechanism prevents accidental opening of the moving side plate, whilst still being quick and easy to open even when you’re wearing gloves
  • The red marker provides a visual warning when the moving side plate is unlocked
  • The large swivel eye can accept up to three carabiners
  • The smooth surfaces of the swivel allows for direct connection to rope or webbing
  • Prusik-minding capability
  • High 93% efficiency.

The Petzl SPIN LD1 excels in industrial roping applications as well as wilderness rescue environments.


pdfPetzl Spin L1D Pulley Technical Notice

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