Petzl Rollclip Z


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Technical Specifications

EN 362
EN 12278

Dimensions & Weight
Length: 112mm
Width: 64mm
Gate opening: 20mm
Weight: 110


Strength & Efficiency
Long Axis: 20 kN
Short Axis: 8 kN
Open Gate: 7 kN

Diameter: 18mm for use with ropes of 7mm to 13mm diameter
WLL: 2 x 2kN = 4kN
Efficiency of 85%

Manufacturer’s Product Code
P75 TL

The Rollclip Z, a Pulley-Carabiner


The Petzl Rollclip Z is a pulley-carabiner. With it’s gate opening on the non-pulley side, the Rollclip Z has been designed to facilitate installation on anchors and devices.

Other features of the Petzl Rollclip Z include:-

  • The sheave is mounted on sealed ball bearings
  • The carabiner incorporates the Keylock system which helps to prevent any snagging of the carabiner when putting the pulley in place
  • The H profile protects the markings from abrasion and gives an improved strength to weight ratio
  • As with all Petzl hardware, each unit is marked with an individualised serial number
  • Individually tested with a three year guarantee
  • Made in France.

If you’re after the Rollclip with it’s gate opening on the pulley side, have a look at the Petzl Rollclip A.


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