Petzl Ring



Technical Specifications

MBS: 23kN

Inside diameter S: 28mm
Outside Diameter S: 50mm

Inside diameter L: 46mm
Outside Diameter L: 70mm


S: 40g
L: 70g

Manufactuer’s Product Code
S: C04620
L: C04630

Small, Light and Strong Rigging Ring


The Petzl Ring can be used to create multiple anchors or it can be installed directly onto your harness to create an attachment bridge. Like all rings, the Petzl Ring ensures optimal functioning in all directions, but in addition, the smooth rounded sides of the Petzl Ring help to make the job easier.

The Petzl Ring can provide that missing link that you sometimes need; but for even more versatility why not have a look at the Petzl Ring Open.

Further features of the Petzl Ring include:

  • The rings are available in two sizes, small or large
  • The inside diameter of the Ring L will accomodate up to four standard sized carabiners whilst the Ring S will accommodate three
  • They have a high strength to weight ratio
  • They can be tied into directly with textile material like rope or webbing
  • Great for tidying up rigging when multiple connectors come to a single point
  • They are made in Italy and each Ring is individually numbered.

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