Rock Exotica Kootenay Ultra


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Technical Specifications


Pulley Specs
Sheave Diameter: 2.2″ (5.6cm)
For Ropes: 8mm – 19mm

Aluminium Alloy

MBS: 2 x 20kN = 39kN
WLL: 6kN

Dimensions & Weight
218mm x 104mm x 75mm

Manufacturer’s Product Code

A Favourite for Advanced Rigging

The Kootenay Ultra from Rock Exotica is an extremely compact and lightweight knot passing pulley with a capacity that rivals larger Kootenay style pulleys.

Other features of the Kootenay Ultra include:-

  • A single locking screw makes high-strength tie offs simpler
  • This locking bolt can be stored securely within the axle when not in use
  • It uses two independant sealed ball bearings which give increased durability and efficiency
  • The primary carabiner hole is designed for use with multiple rescue carabiners
  • The secondary holes are provided for use with tag or belay lines
  • Tag lines are easily separated using the additonal holes. This helps to prevent spinning of the load and interference with connectors
  • It is made in the USA.


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