Conterra TiRadius Rescue Swivel

Tough, Light and Strong

The TiRadius Rescue Swivel from Conterra is constructed from titanium meaning that it weighs in at only 83 grams!

Tough, light and strong, the TiRadius accepts two carabiners in each end; and would be ideal for those scenarios where every gram in your kit counts, such as with off-road rescues, difficult access bushwork or complex rigging where there is difficult access.

As far as we know, the TiRadius is the only titanium swivel available. Other features of Conterra’s TiRadius Swivel are:
  • NFPA (G) certified with a MBS of 38kN
  • Fits easily into your hand at just 7.6cm long
  • Made in the USA


Please note that adequate training and judgment are needed to reduce the risks inherent in the use of this equipment. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that the user is adequately and competently trained in the use of this product. We strongly advise that you do not use any swivel without first undertaking appropriate training.

$230.00 $160.00

In stock

NFPA (G) certified to MBS of 38kN


MBS: 38kN
WLL: 5kN


7.6cm x 3.2cm x 2.5cm

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