CMC Variable Anchor Strap


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Technical Specifications


Adjustable from 91cm to 213cm

43mm Heavy Duty Webbing
Steel D-Rings

Basket Configuration: 53kN
End-to-end Configuration: 26kN
Choker Configuration: 21kN


Manufactuer’s Product Code

Multi-Featured Anchor Strap


The Variable Anchor Strap from CMC is constructed from 43mm heavy duty webbing.

Features of the CMC Variable Anchor Strap include:-

  • Adjusts from 91cm to 213cm
  • A large D ring on one end allows for easy and efficient girth hitching of the anchor strap
  • Used in a pick-off strap configuration the anchor strap allows a 2 to 1 mechanical advantage for easier handling of patient
  • Comes with a sewn on web keeper which helps to keep your strap stored neatly
  • Is available in black only

If you’d like to know more about using anchor straps, ask us about our Workshops.


Did you know ....?

The CMC Variable Anchor Strap is configured as a mechanical advantage system; 2:1 with a change of direction or 3:1 depending on which end is the “load” and which end is the “anchor”. It’s relative efficiency is, of course, very poor since it is webbing running through D-rings and a buckle, so we’re not going to use it to haul a load up a cliff. We can, however, use it as a type of ratchet strap for positioning a load. A number of these Variable Anchor Straps are great when used to lock an object securely in place, a particularly useful technique in all types of rope access work.

We recommend using a Delta Maillon connector to prevent possible tri-axial loading of a carabiner when used in a basket configuration.


pdfCMC Variable Anchor Strap User Instructions

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