CMC Multi-Loop Straps




Technical Specifications

Small: 61cm (Red)
Medium: 91cm (Yellow)
Large: 168cm (Orange)

Small: 68g
Medium: 85g
Large: 170g

25mm (1 inch) mil-spec tubular webbing

Overall Strength
16.9 kN

Manufactuer’s Product Code
Small: 201012
Medium: 201013
Large: 201014

Add Options to your Kit with a Multi-Loop Strap


These Multi-Loop Straps from CMC are one of those small items that offer so many options in terms of use and versatility. Sewn from 25mm mil-spec tubular webbing, by the renowned USA based CMC at their Californian manufacturing facility, they give you a high strength to weight ratio. This one item can be used like you might use a simple loop like the CMC Utility Loop for anchoring; for connecting several carabiners into one anchor point or for simply keeping your hardware organised when stowed.

These Multi-Loop Straps are available in three sizes, and each size is in a contrasting colour. The Small in red has 3 pocket loops and 5 loops int total, the Medium in yellow has 8 pocket loops and 10 loops into total whilst the Large in orange has 18 pocket loops and 20 loops in total. This allows for easy identification for quick and safe rigging.

Other features of the CMC Multi-Loop Strap include:-

  • Minimum breaking strength of each loop is 5kN
  • Overall strength of 16.9kN
  • The Loops are sewn with contrasting colour thread for ease of inspection
  • Made in the USA



pdfCMC Multi-Loop Strap Insturctions

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