Trauma Shears


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Technical Specifications

Total Length: 184mm (7.25″)
Blade Length: 50mm


Manufacturer’s Material Code

Durable 7.25″ Trauma Shears

These utility scissors are high-quality trauma shears and are ideal for those who work on ropes. They are a safer option than an open blade and can be used for cutting whilst on rope or for removing a harness or clothing during an emergency. The blunt fin-point safety tip prevents injury to the casualty whilst cutting, and makes them easier to store than a standard scissor.

Lighter and safer than using a knife when on rope, they can effectively cut through webbing, cable ties and even a loaded 11mm rope in one snip (Please see our warning below). The serrated blades are made with  stainless steel for increased sharpness, edge-retention and corrosion-resistance.

These trauma shears can be clipped on to a carabiner, or fit perfectly into the dedicated side slot of the CMC Pro Pocket.

Features of these trauma shears include:

  • Serrated Blade
  • Fully open to 80mm
  • Blunt point for safety
  • Made in Pakistan

*Care must be taken when cutting loaded synthetic fibre rope due to the stored energy in a tensioned rope.

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