SMC Vector Edge and Load Management System


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Technical Specifications

WLL for High Anchor Configuration: 1kN
WLL for High Directional Configuration: 2kN

System Weight


Length: 963mm
Tube Diameter: 51mm
Rigging Plate Diameter: 116mm

Manufacturer’s Product Code

Lightweight Monopod System


The concept of the single leg ‘gin pole’ or ‘monopod’ as a rigging tool has been around forever. SMC’s designers and engineers have taken the monopod a quantum leap forward with the new Vector Edge and Load Management System. Weighing in at just over a kilogram, the Vector is very easily transported or carried to even the most challenging of work or rescue environments. When combined with a high strength – low stretch cord, like Sterling’s 5mm Powercord, rope, pulleys and carabiners the Vector can both reduce your risk when working near an edge as well as act as a state of the art edge management device.

Other features of the SMC Vector Edge and Load management System include:-

  • Can easily be utilised whether you are working in a rescue, rope access, military / tactical or other rigging environment
  • Applicable on natural surfaces and built structures
  • Comes with both rounded ‘blunt’ foot end and pointed foot end
  • Manufactured from aerospace grade aluminium
  • Rigging plates can be used independently of the monopod
  • The head is designed to accommodate ‘carabinerless’ connections with low stretch cord, saving gear and time
  • Absolutely the lightest device of its kind available
  • Comes with extensive instructions for safe rigging

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