CMC Stainless Steel Split-Apart Stretcher


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Technical Specifications

UL Classified to NFPA 1983-2017 Ed.

211cm x 58cm x 18.5cm
Nested length: 114cm

Stainless Steel
Durathene™ netting

Load Rating: 11 kN
Vertical MBS: 30 kN
Horizontal MBS: 14 kN


Manufacturer’s Product Code

Rescue Stretcher with StratLoad Attachment Points

This is the premium choice in stainless steel rescue stretchers. Whether you are equipping your vehicle for rescue or carrying the litter as standard equipment on a helicopter, the CMC Split-Apart stretcher has the light weight and compact size that you need.

The Split-Apart litter “hinges” together at the bottom, and is then secured by integral threaded collars on the top rail that lock into place. This design is quick and eliminates pins, which can be lost or damaged. The stretcher is easy to assemble and just as easy to take apart, and comes with four litter straps.

Features of the CMC Stainless Steel Split-Apart Rescue Stretcher include:-

  • Available in the Tapered model
  • Nested length is less than 114cm
  • Attachment points allow use with most carabiners and are easy to clip into
  • Patients are more comfortable with the soft but durable Durathene netting and molded back support
  • Larger round rail is easy on the hands during transport
  • Compatable with virtually all bridling systems, or you can have a look at the CMC Rescue Litter Harness
  • Comes complete with quick release patient restraint system
  • Compatible with most backboards


pdfCMC Stainless Steel Rescue Litter User's Manual

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